Boat Plans - Multichine 37 SK

Unlimited ocean aluminium cruising yacht with swing keel.

The Multichine  37 SK is a boat designed for those who seek a versatile and innovative cruising sailboat. Thanks to her ballasted swing keel configuration, she is at home sailing close hauled under 30 knots of wind in the open sea or finding shelter in shallow waters inaccessible to most fixed keel cruising yachts.

The Multichine  37 SK is specified for aluminium  or steel construction and, as metallic boats generally are, is extremely strong for her displacement, a much praised virtue for a truly cruising yacht design. The Multichine 37SK is the perfect boat for a long-distance cruise in comfort and safety, having a small family as crew.

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The suggestion to develop such a design came from potential clients of various countries, who asked for a boat of this type in the thirty-six foot range. The frequently asked question was:

Haven't you a pivoting keel version for the Multichine 36?

With a low resistance hull shape and large sail area, the Multichine 37 SK is capable of obtaining good daily runs for its waterline, and still, it makes no concessions regarding safety. The design is rated Class A according to the European Community Monohull Stability Index (STIX) even when the keel is retracted!

Technical Data

Length Overall

11.28 m (37 ft)

Length Waterline

9.78 m (32.0 ft)


3.85 m (12.6 ft)


2.30 m (7.5 ft) / 0.90m (3.0ft)


2,580 kg (5,683 lb)

Displacement (light)

8,000 kg (17,621 lb)

Fresh water capacity

450 l (119 gal)

Diesel capacity

205 l (54 gal)

Standing Headroom – Aft Cabin

1.97 m (6.5 ft)

Standing Headroom – Front Cabin

1.76 m (5.7 ft)

Standing Headroom – Galley

1.92 m (6.3 ft)

Standing Headroom – Aft shower

1.97 m (6.5 ft)

Rig Type

Masthead Sloop

Mainsail Area

30.06 m2 (324 sq. ft.)

Genoa Area

43.38 m2 (467 sq. ft.)

Auxiliary Propulsion

40 hp


Aluminium or Steel

List of Plans

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MC37SK – S1 – Lines Plan

MC37SK – S2 – Mast and Sails

MC37SK – S3 – Interior Layout

MC37SK – S4 – Deck Layout

MC37SK – S5 – Structural Plan

MC37SK – S6A – Transversal Section A

MC37SK – S6B – Transversal Section B

MC37SK – S6C – Transversal Section C

MC37SK – S6D – Transversal Section Structure

MC37SK – S7A – Swing Keel System

MC37SK – S7B – Keel

MC37SK – S8 – Custom Details

MC37SK – S9 – Rudder Details

MC37SK – S10 – CNC Kit Assembly (Opt)

MC37SK – S11 – CNC Kit Files Layout (Opt)

MC37SK – S12 – CNC Kit Hull Plates Assembly (Opt)

MC37SK – S14 – Ballast Block Models

Boat Description

Interior layout:

We provided the main saloon with a U-shaped sofa at portside and a seat-berth to starboard, allowing up to eight persons to be installed for socializing or six to dine in comfort with plenty of elbow room. At the aft portside of the cabin trunk is placed a very spacious L-shaped galley, the best arrangement to be used under way. The boat has two double berth cabins, one forward and the other at the port quarter. The navigation station is positioned symmetrically to the galley, with the navigator stool facing forwards and a bulkhead in front of the table, to provide plenty of wall space for the installation of electronic equipment The head with shower is placed abaft the navigation station. There is still a large compartment abaft the head for storage of all the bulky equipment carried aboard, such as inflatable dinghy, gen-set, desalinator, spare sails, etc.

Deck layout, standing rigging and sail plan:

The deck layout emphasizes protection for the crew when operating in bad weather. The cabin trunk with a solid or canvas dodger gives shelter to the foreside of the cockpit. We opted for one good sized wheel and two rudders. The tee-shaped cockpit is opened to the transom platform and the helmsman has two seats to choose, to windward or leeward. The mast is stepped on the coach-roof and is supported by a box-type pillar which hides the keel hydraulic lifting mechanism. The main sheet traveller is located in the coach-roof leaving the cockpit dodger free of the main sheet.

The mast has a double back swept spreader with masthead genoa configuration, with generous sail area that makes the Multichine 37 SK a good performer in any sailing condition.

A short bowsprit where the anchor rollers are installed allows for the attachment of a furling gear for the gennaker at its end.

Swing-keel, rudders and propulsion:

The main features of this design are unquestionably her ballasted swing keel and her twin shallow-draught rudders attached behind skegs. The ballasted keel is operated by a hydraulic piston which pulls the keel by means of a spectra cable. This system allows free swinging of the keel in case of an accidental collision. This is an important safety factor, since whoever cruises for a long time knows too well that, sooner or later, has a good chance to collide unexpectedly with an underwater obstacle. The whole system is quite reliable and is practically maintenance free for many extended seasons. A locking device is provided to block the keel in its lower position when the boat is under way, sailing in deep water. This is a safety device, since in the most improbable case of a capsize, the keel will remain exposed ensuring the proper recovering of its correct position. The Multichine 37 SK is a class A yacht according to the European Union stability rules for ocean yachts. (STIX.) Contrary to the most frequent retractable swing appendices (centreboards) found in shallow draught cruising yachts, which have the whole ballast placed inside the hull, our solution comprises an amount of internal ballast (1500kg) and 1080kg weight in the swing keel. The combined weights, with 32% ballast ratio for 2.30m maximum draught, ensure a high angle of vanishing positive stability, superior in many cases to those of the centreboard yachts available in the market, not imposing an excessive displacement to the design in order to obtain this result. When the keel is up, it is completely hidden inside a trunk which upper face is part of the saloon table, this way not interfering with the internal layout.

The Multichine 37 SK can also be built as a fixed fin keel yacht with a single central rudder, for those who do not need the shallow draft capability.

Ideal auxiliar propulsion will be from 40 HP.

The Multichine 37 SK is truly a go anywhere boat, developed with our many years of experience and the input from our most accomplished customers.

Boat Plans

Study Plans


Construction plans (Swing Keel)


CNC Files (swing keel version)


Construction plans (Fixed keel)


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CNC Files (fixed keel version)


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