Boat Plans - Dinghy Andorinha

Build your own high performance sailing dinghy.

If you want to build a dinghy yourself with a short budget, you must consider building the Andorinha. Using plywood and the stich-and-glue construction method, this dinghy is the typical do-it-yourself (DIY) job for the enthusiastic amateur boat builder.

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With a self-bailing cockpit, low profile topsides, large transom, huge sail area with main, jib and symmetrical spinnaker, the Andorinha is capable of exhilarating bursts of speed.

The use of epoxy throughout and the fact that hull and deck external surfaces are protected by a fibreglass layer ensures a low-maintenance, long lasting dinghy.

Demonstrating great performance in all points of sail, the Andorinha is a great choice to practice the sport of sailing, be it racing or leisure sailing.

Technical Data

Length Overall

4.71 m (15’ 6”)


1.93 m (6’ 4”)

Weight (approx.)

115 kg (253 lb)

Sail Area

13 m2 (141 sq. ft)


Stitch and Glue

List of Plans

AND - S0A – Full Size Sections A

AND - S0B - Full Size Sections B

AND - S0C - Full Size Sections C

AND – S1 – Lines Plan

AND – S2 – Mast and Sails

AND – S3 – Centreboard and Rudder

AND – S4 – Deck Layout

AND – S5A – Structural Plan

AND – S5B – Structural Details

AND – S6 – Transverse Sections

AND – S7 – Deck Panels

AND – S8 – Hull Panels

AND – S9 – Custom Fittings

AND - S10 – Class Emblem

Building the Andorinha:

Amateur boatbuilding is one of the most pleasurable hobbies for people who enjoy making things with their own hands. Designing boats for amateur construction is also fascinating. However, designers involved with this segment of architecture are required to be aficionados, if good results are to be expected.

The hull panels are cut-out in plywood and stitched together. As the panels are pulled into place the hull takes is final form and is ready to be glued and covered with fibreglass.

A building manual accompanies the plans, showing, step by step, all phases of the construction.

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