Boat Plans - Pantanal 25

Trailerable boat with lifting keel, for fast coastal sailing. The perfect “camping” boat.

This boat is suitable for sailors who are looking for a camping boat of outstanding performance under sail which at the same time can take their families and friends out for a coastal cruise in safety and comfort.

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The Pantanal 25 is designed with a lifting keel that makes it easy for launching at a boat ramp and storing on a trailer. The boat’s dimensions and weigh are suitable for road transport.


The stand-out factor about the Pantanal 25 is its sailing ability. With a large roach full-batten mainsail and a good-sized asymmetrical spinnaker attached to a carbon fibre bowsprit, you will enjoy good quality sailing with exhilarating performance.


Construction is within amateur builders capability, with many already built in several different countries. The hull construction uses fiberglass sandwich strips, what eliminates the need to build an expensive disposable mould.


The Pantanal 25 is the boat you can build and store in your garage and that will provide you with exhilarating sailing and fun coastal navigating.

Technical Data

Length Overall

7.65 m (25.1 ft)

Length Waterline

6.66 m (22.1 ft)


2.44 m (8.0 ft)

Min. Draft

0.63 m (2.1 ft)

Max. Draft

1.63 m (5.35 ft)

Displ. (light)

1300 kg (2870 lbs)


450 kg (992 lbs)

Maximum Standing Headroom

1.7 m

Rig Type

Fractional Sloop

Mainsail Area

21.75 m2 (234 sq. ft)

Genoa Area

13.05 m2 (140 sq. ft)

Gennaker Area

30 m2 (320 sq. ft)


GRP/Foam Sandwich

List of Plans

PAN25 – S0A – Hull Sections

PAN25 – S0B – Hull Sections

PAN25 – S0C – Hull Sections

PAN25 – S0D – Hull Sections

PAN25 – S0E – Bulkheads

PAN25 – S0F – Bulkheads

PAN25 – S0G – Deck Sections

PAN25 – S0H – Deck Sections

PAN25 – S0I – Deck Sections

PAN25 – S0J – Deck Sections

PAN25 – S1 – Lines Plan

PAN25 – S2 – Mast and Sails

PAN25 – S3 – Interior Layout

PAN25 – S4 – Deck Layout

PAN25 – S5A – Structural Plan

PAN25 – S5B – Structural Details

PAN25 – S6 – Transverse Sections

PAN25 – S7A – Keel

PAN25 – S7B – Keel Bulb

PAN25 – S8 – Rudder

PAN25 – S8B – Racing Rudder

PAN25 – S9 – Custom Fittings

PAN25 – S10 – Canting Mast



Boat Description

Interior layout:

To make the boat the most attractive possible, we provided an interior arrangement with a cosy and functional layout. A double berth at the forward compartment joins with two settee berths in the saloon, omitting any partition that could jeopardize the feeling of amplitude inside the cabin. Abaft the two settees a heads compartment with door and a compact galley completes the saloon arrangement. A second double berth placed under the cockpit area provide full usage of space in the whole interior For a happy family experience, contrary to the majority of boats of this type, we assured a 1.70m (5'7") headroom in the main saloon, an acceptable figure regarding elbow room, if you have to stay aboard for a prolonged time.

Deck layout:

As the most utilised space of a day-sailor is the cockpit, we made it the longest possible, for that matter designing a practically vertical transom. We reserved the area under the cockpit seats abaft the double berth for storage of boat gear and other equipment. The Pantanal 25 is provided with a bulbous drop-keel, together with a pivoting mast, to simplify launching without neglecting stability.


A boat to be stored in the home garden should be able to be constructed in its garage. Having in mind this possibility, the plans for the Pantanal 25 were defined to be built by the amateur, avoiding expensive moulds or special skills to accomplish this goal. The building method employed is the so-called sandwich of strip-planking, using PVC foam or light wood strips as core material. The whole boat weighting only 1 000kg, including fin-keel, the Pantanal 25 is still sufficiently light to be trailed by a medium-sized car, an important factor to be considered.

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