Boat Plans - Green Flash Microtonner 19

High performance international class racer.

For those who enjoy amateur boat building that are also racing enthusiasts, who prize competitive racing in a worldwide class. The Green Flash Microtonner is the right boat for you.
Our Microtonner is specified for a fiberglass sandwich construction. A building manual with simple and straight forward information explains step by step how to proceed with the construction. The superstructure is fabricated inside a female, cheap to build, mold and the whole process from start to finish takes only a few months of pleasant work.
If the boat is intended for industrial production a single skin lamination for hull construction is specified.

Dados Técnicos

Comprimento total

5.47 m (17’ 11”)

Comprimento da linha d'água

4.75 m (15’ 7”)

Boca Máxima

2.36 m (7’ 9”)

Min. Draft

1.08 m (3’ 7”)

Deslocamento de desenho

560 kg (1,233 lbs)


283 kg (623 lbs)

Área Vélica

18.5 m2 (199 sq. ft)

Método Construtivo

Sanduíche de strip-planking

Lista de Planos

MT19 – S1 – Lines Plan

MT19 – S2 – Mast and Sails

MT19 – S3 – Structure and Interior Layout

MT19 – S4 – Deck Layout

MT19 – S5A – Keel

MT19 – S5B – Bulb

MT19 – S6 – Rudder and Fittings

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