Boat Plans - Pilotina 25

Strong and seaworthy motorboat.

The Pilotina 25 is a strong and seaworthy motorboat design that is suitable for  protected waters or for coastal navigation. With excellent range for its size (more than 600 nautical miles with a 22 hp engine) and with capacity of up to ten passengers for day cruising, the Pilotina 25 is the ideal boat for those who enjoy fishing, diving, gunkholing or coastal navigation.
This design is a cheap to build vee bottom trawler intended for the amateur or professional boat builder. Its construction uses marine plywood covered with fibreglass and internally the boat is saturated with epoxy resin what makes a long lasting and low maintenance boat.

Dados Técnicos

Comprimento total

7.60 m (24’ 11”)

Comprimento da linha d'água

6.50 m (21’ 4”)

Boca Máxima

3.20 m (10’ 6”)


0.55 m (1’ 10”)

Deslocamento de desenho

2,300 kg

Tanques de água

100 l (26 gal)

Tanques de diesel

200 l (952 gal)

Standing Headroom – Main Saloon

1.98 m (6’ 6”)

Pé-direito - Cabine de Proa

1.46 m (4’ 10”)


27 hp

Método Construtivo


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PILOT25 - S0A- Full Size Patterns A

PILOT25 - S0B- Full Size Patterns B

PILOT25 – S1 – Lines Plan

PILOT25 – S2 – Deck Layout

PILOT25 – S3 – Interior Layout

PILOT25 – S4 – Structural Arrangement

PILOT25 – S5 – Transversal Sections

PILOT25 – S6 – Rudder

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