Boat Plans - Diamond 6.0

Open deck runabout.

The Diamond 6.0 is an open deck runabout that accommodates comfortably up to eight persons. Designed to be propelled by an 80 to 120 hp outboard it surpasses 30 m.p.h. with the smaller engine in flat sea conditions. At the maximum power recommended the Diamond 6.0 can reach 40 m.p.h. at full throttle.

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If you want to build a runabout yourself, the ply-glass building technique is the ideal method of construction. Being a hard chine hull, all that's necessary is to lay plywood sheeting over a transverse structure and encapsulate it with a glass fibre lamination. Internally the plywood must be saturated with two coats of epoxy.
The runabout Diamond 6.0 was designed for this type of construction. Being so simple to build, the plans are an invitation to the amateurs to try skills with woodwork. Not having to overcome too many difficulties, builders find a time to improve looks up to their limits. That's why they are making such nicely finished boats.
The appeal of the Diamond 6.0 showing varnished trims and finishes is a reason for enchantment, and that's where the Diamond 6.0 distinguishes from the mass-produced fiberglass boats.

Dados Técnicos

Comprimento total

6.06 m

Boca Máxima

2.32 m


0.33 m


0.95 m


3.16 m


80~120 hp

Método Construtivo


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DIA – S1 – Lines Plan

DIA – S2 – General Arrangement

DIA – S3 – Structural Plan

DIA – S4 – Transversal Sections

DIA – S5 – Bulkheads

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